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About: Jack Said Sew!

I.LOVE.BLENDERS.  When I go into a quilt shop, that’s where I go.  Even when I force myself to start at beautiful new floral collection or seasonal fabrics in the front displays, I end up at the blenders.  I’m not sure what that says about me but it worked well for my customers in my first quilt shop, The Jack of Arts, so I decided not to mess with a good thing.  We moved from Safford to Mesa in 2019 so we closed The Jack of Arts.

I launched Jack Said Sew (Jack II) during the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine.  Sheltering at home, I ordered online and as each fabric packet arrived, I found myself examining how it was folded, packaged and whether or not I could detect the shop owner’s love as they prepared my order.  Because MY order is the most important, after all.

That’s when I realized how much I truly missed doing the cutting, folding just right and imagining what the maker was going to create with their fabric selection.  Then carefully packaging it and handing over to the post to be delivered and expectedly, received with delight.  It was romantic and magical.  OK, maybe weird, but true.  That's when I decided to open an online fabric shop.

I realized some years back that I am a person in love with processes.  I love every step of quilt making, and making in general.  Except reading patterns – I will always struggle with written instructions – some sort of a comprehension thing, I suppose.  Other than that one thing, it’s glorious; this process of creating something, and the process always begins with an inspiration. 

That’s what I hope my fabrics provide you; that inspiration and beginning of the creative process.  So, thank you for your interest, your time, your order and most importantly, your future orders.   In return, I promise to treat every one of your orders as the Most Important, because it truly is.  Without you, I’m not a fabric resource:  just a chick with a REALLY expensive hobby.

Bella the Wonder Dog
P.S.  I don’t live in a pet free home but my fabrics do.  They have their own room that remains off limits to my four legged friend.  Bella, the wonder dog is in residence but she’s no good at pulling fabric or helping with the shipping; her legs are just too short and she doesn’t have thumbs.  So it’s just me where the fabric lives.  No tobacco products, ever, anywhere at this address. 😊